Monday, 7 May 2012

One Day: Breathe Together 2012

Do As One, in association with groups, organizations and individuals around the world, is igniting the biggest interactive event in our history.  One billion people from all around the world will join in spirit and breathe synchronously

11/11 is One Day

Do As One will be holding an event on 11/11 in Los Angeles.  There'll be speakers & music, followed by a breath activation.We'll livestream this event on the internet. During the event, we invite people all around the world to spend one hour connecting with the One, in whatever way they choose: dance, pray, chant, meditate, sing, yoga, tai chi, or if they like, watch the livestream of our event at home, or projected onto a big screen at a larger gathering. After the One hour, we ask that everyone join us in conscious synchronous breath flow.

The vision is to unite humanity through our greatest unifier: the breath. How do we breathe? Through the re-SPIR-atory system, in other words, our spirit re-charge system. We believe that the breath is our connection to spirit and that by breathing together we may literally join in spirit. Well, what would happen if, in the spirit of peace and love and joy and unity, one billion people came together, connected to the One, and started breathing in synch?
Lets find out!

The Universal Breathing Room on will be used to synchronize our breath flow. The UBR is already up and running, so stop by and take a few breaths with us now, or get in touch with us if you'd like to get involved in organizing an event on One Day.

One Day we'll breathe as One

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